shrillmicrobe (shrillmicrobe) wrote in 18_over_bodymod,

hello all

Hi guys ( and gals )
I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Lauren i'm 20 from the US. I currently have 9 piercings and a tattoo. I am in the process of taking on the burden of absorbing financial responsibility for college from my parents. This puts me waaaaaay ahead of schedule on my next tattoo. which could happen in the next 2 weeks, unless there is a problem filing taxes. Anyway... I have a quick question. I am trying to stretch to a 00 from a 0 and i don't have a taper, and would like to avoid going back to the piercing place to get stretched, mainly because I don't feel i have enough money for a decent tip at the moment. So any suggestions or hints would be appreciated. Thanks all
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