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Allow me to introduce myself. [06 Feb 2010|02:03am]

I just made a new livejournal, and I wanted to join a few communities I knew I'd love--so bonjour, my name is Lauren-I go by L. I'm 20, from Jersey. I have several ear piercings, a nose ring, and soon I'll have a lip ring. I have three tattoos, which are under the cut. My next tattoo will be done the last week of February. I'm getting "The miNd cannot dEceiVe thE heaRt, no Matter hOw haRd it triEs" written on the side of my ribs. Certain letters are capitalized in this post because they'll be done in a different style to stand out, it spells out nevermore. The meaning behind that tattoo is kind of longwinded but I figured I'd just give the gist of it. Anyways, here is what I currently have:
The body is the most beautiful canvas of them all.Collapse )
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hello all [05 Feb 2010|03:34pm]

Hi guys ( and gals )
I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Lauren i'm 20 from the US. I currently have 9 piercings and a tattoo. I am in the process of taking on the burden of absorbing financial responsibility for college from my parents. This puts me waaaaaay ahead of schedule on my next tattoo. which could happen in the next 2 weeks, unless there is a problem filing taxes. Anyway... I have a quick question. I am trying to stretch to a 00 from a 0 and i don't have a taper, and would like to avoid going back to the piercing place to get stretched, mainly because I don't feel i have enough money for a decent tip at the moment. So any suggestions or hints would be appreciated. Thanks all
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New (: [22 Jan 2010|11:38pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Hey guys, just wanted to say hello. Name is Demi, i live in Denmark, 18 years old.. Well. Yeah.
Gotten pierced around 50 times (not all different places though!), only got one tattoo.. Umm. Oh, and i just got a job as a piercer, in the local studio, which i'm super-thrilled about!

Oh and here's a very recent picture of me. Just for you! 

My current mods:
3x dermals on sternum
Vertical clitoris hood
2x18mm stretches
2x plain holes in ears

Planned mods:
Ear pointing
Full sleeve

Anyone in here got an earpointing? It's definetly my next mod, and i would like som experiences :)
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[26 Feb 2008|01:42am]

Just making an update concerning my Scalpeled tongue.

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[20 Jan 2008|09:55pm]

Last night I headed to Syracuse and had John Joyce at Scarab Body Arts scalpel my tongue for 2g Teflon jewelry!

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[10 Dec 2007|05:05pm]


new lowbrets! Got both left and right done at the same time (well, right was done about 30 seconds before left, but hey, let's not quibble.)

felt fucking amazing. Been far too long since I got new holes. This brings the total to 10, only 4 of which are in my ears.


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Foot Tattoo (my first tattoo) [15 Nov 2007|07:06pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

So I have the design for my foot tattoo and now I am going to go searching for a shop and someone to work with. My questions are from the confusion my research online has given and I need some help since I haven't found a tattoo artist yet to answer these questions for me and I would like to see what those that have their foot tattoo have experienced. I wanted to know: Do you have to stay off your foot for a while, if so, then how long? I know you are suppose to wear open top shoes like flats or sandals during the day but what do you do at night when you go to bed? Is there anything else you think I should know or you want to just plain share about your experience? Thanks ahead for everything ya'll.

~Alicole Torren~

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my latest piece [26 Aug 2007|10:39am]

[ mood | awake ]

Got this done over a period of a few months due to my tattooists time constraints.

Bottom part (chalice/demonskull) was done at easter, centrepiece (sun/pisces) done about 5 weeks ago, and top part (halo/toppiece) done about 3 weeks ago now.

Apologies for the crappy phonecam pic. Will try to get a mate with a decent camera to take a few shots when I can...
under here...Collapse )



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das wewt! [02 Jun 2007|03:53pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

New jewellery! Ebay is evil.  Finally got a half-moon lowbret, and a smooth segment for the now-fully-healed 5mm septum...

Body jewellery is my retail therapy...Collapse )


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[14 May 2007|06:01pm]

Okay, update on my tongue web because I'm impatient and don't want to have a post with 20 pictures later. :P

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[11 May 2007|06:32pm]

I finally got around to getting my Tongue Web removed Wed, and I thought I'd share the before and after pictures.

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Step 1 of of my tongue split is done and with any luck I'll have my tongue pierced in the next 2 - 3 months and then I can start planning on when I will actually be getting my tongue split. I'm a tad excited. :)

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Corset [24 Apr 2007|10:23pm]

It's been quite some time since I've last posted on here.
I just thought that I would share the newest addition to myself with you all.

I'm apprenticing for tattoos at Ink Link Tattoos in Boone, so since I work there, and have a lot of piercings, the head piercer, David K., wanted to do a corset on me, for free.
I agreed, and on April, Friday the 13th[!] we did all ten of the piercings.
So here you go!
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[05 Mar 2007|12:20am]

I love my mouth.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

x-posted :)
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[18 Feb 2007|01:08am]

pretty new earrings :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Septum Project - FINISHED!!!! [17 Feb 2007|05:20pm]

[ mood | sore ]

I have a splittle headache, and my face feels like it's been thrown into a brick wall at speed.


I just got my septum gauged from 8g to 4g (3.2mm to 5mm) in ONE HIT.

quote from my piercer: "you're one fuckin crazy bastard dude!"

for an ear that's nothing. For a nose? Put it this way. I had to try very hard not to scream.

It's done for now. May take it to 2g/6mm in the future, but not for a long while.

Something I'm VERY glad I experienced. It was a rite of passage, in that it's the first time i've felt serious fear walking into a piercing studio, and first time i've felt serious pain getting something done.

my fucking CHRIST was it a rush.

Pics when it's healed enough to put a tusk through. It's healing to septum bullet at the mo.

Actually, i'll just put up pics when i get my third lowbret as well. That way you all can see the finished product of my face.


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[09 Feb 2007|08:08pm]

question for you guys. ackblom12's post reminded me.

I want to get my nipples done, but they're too small to pierce i think. Will they pierce behind the nipple through the areola?

and yes i'm a guy.



i love Teh Alcoholic Haze...
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[09 Feb 2007|03:38am]

I went into Dorje Adornments in Rochester, NY last week to get my Apadravya done!

Unfortunately I found out that the vessels in the head of my penis were a little too close for comfort for the piercing (I was told however that my urethra was very centered... I decided to take it as a compliment :P) and I instead decided on getting my nipples pierced. Nick did a wonderful job as usual.

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haven't posted in a while, but been a little busy. Here's why. [26 Jan 2007|04:11pm]

pics below cutCollapse )

current pix. I've actually stretched my septum up to 4mm, but until I go to the shop and grab a 4mm ring, i'm stuck with the 3.2mm. Silly me. Thought my 3.2 jewellery section was my 4mm section, and didn't realise i'd lost my 4mm rings :(

Just thought i'd update you guys on where things are going :)

Next project: dermal anchors (probably a row on each collarbone if i can find someone to do em), dimple spikes and possibly a helix or rook in my right ear.

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[08 Jan 2007|12:02am]

Hello, all. Longtime lurker, first time poster.

I've a few questions, particularly for those that are professional piercers.

I'm really looking into getting into body piercing as a job. I've done many of my piercings myself, mostly on my ears - 4 cartilage, 2 lobes, one mid-cartilage area that ended up being just through skin but looks okay, re-piercing industrial, and nostril [only failure, due to forgetting about my nickel allergy] - and it'd be nice to, you know, actually know what I'm doing.
How do you first get into it? Just go to a shop and ask them if they're looking for apprentices? There are a few good places near where I go to school [Syracuse], but I don't really know any of the piercers, and so am starting cold.

Thanks for your time!
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[13 Dec 2006|01:16am]

k... i was quoted a price tonight for my finger tattoos...

MISS TAKE... 1 letter per finger... (intentional misspelling, i might add)

i am wondering what you all paid for yours. I know you pay for quality, and i know where quality is out here, i just wanna be sure that i'm not getting raped, for what seams like very little work.

so... help please!

x-posted... a lot.. sorry!
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