ackblom12 (ackblom12) wrote in 18_over_bodymod,

I finally got around to getting my Tongue Web removed Wed, and I thought I'd share the before and after pictures.

The procedure was done by John at Scarab Body Arts in Syracuse. My web wasn't very defined, but it went almost up to the tip of my tongue. He said he usually only has to slit the web, but of course I had to be difficult, and as you may notice from the picture, he had to make quite a little divot to get rid of my web anchor near the tip of my tongue.

Having it cut didn't hurt at all, the first day hurt like a bitch. The 2nd day was annoying and painful but nowhere near as bad as the 1st day. Today there's next to no pain unless i try to stretch the tongue, in which case it reminds me it's not ready yet.

Step 1 of of my tongue split is done and with any luck I'll have my tongue pierced in the next 2 - 3 months and then I can start planning on when I will actually be getting my tongue split. I'm a tad excited. :)

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