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das wewt!

New jewellery! Ebay is evil.  Finally got a half-moon lowbret, and a smooth segment for the now-fully-healed 5mm septum...

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Cool piercings although i don't like what you have in them, its a bit much, but to each his own.
yeh the photo doesn't really do me justice. I'm a big guy. 6'6" and 120kg. I look best with bold jewellery and bold tattoos. Subtle doesn't work on me :P

Thats one big lie! your face is attractive, but the jewlery you chose i find very tackey. You can be big and bold without being tackey. I'm a big girl. Im 5'10 and i probably weigh more than you too.. And i dont need to rock that disturbed curved chin thing:P haha
Frankly, as you said it comes down to a matter of taste. What you find tacky others might find aesthetic. You're in a body mod community, dear. Body modification isn't about subtlety.
I mean, why do it if you're going to end up playing it down?

In any case, I think that he pulls it off rather well. Looks spiffy :)

Like i said, its just my opinion. Whatever floats his boat.

i said i didn't like it, but they're nice...

thank you :) you're much more eloquent than I in my mildly inebriated state :D

pah i say! thanks for the compliment, but i'm used to bein the ugly bastard :) it's all for me anyhow, and i like it :P

Thanks for the comments though :)

That sounds like me. I call myself the green bastard from trailer park boys.

add me to myspace
I don't myspace. I refuse to associate with that site, much as people keep trying to convince me to :)

my recently-ex-band does though, apparently.

i never go there though :P

Myspace is the shit and you know it.


remove the word "the" and you got it :D


Deleted comment

nah it doesn't. It's all good. Swings free :D