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haven't posted in a while, but been a little busy. Here's why.

Full face

top to bottom: 14g bridge (no it's not crooked. I have a habit of raising my right eyebrow unconsciously.), 8g/3.2mm septum, 14g vertical labret, 14g lowbret with beautiful new black and gold vertebrae hook from Black Velvet Jewels on eBay.

right ear

14g bell at top of triangle, 4g/5mm w/spiked CB, 8g/3.2mm with skull talon.

left ear

000g/10mm tunnel with 2g/6mm spiked CB.


current pix. I've actually stretched my septum up to 4mm, but until I go to the shop and grab a 4mm ring, i'm stuck with the 3.2mm. Silly me. Thought my 3.2 jewellery section was my 4mm section, and didn't realise i'd lost my 4mm rings :(

Just thought i'd update you guys on where things are going :)

Next project: dermal anchors (probably a row on each collarbone if i can find someone to do em), dimple spikes and possibly a helix or rook in my right ear.

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