ackblom12 (ackblom12) wrote in 18_over_bodymod,

I went into Dorje Adornments in Rochester, NY last week to get my Apadravya done!

Unfortunately I found out that the vessels in the head of my penis were a little too close for comfort for the piercing (I was told however that my urethra was very centered... I decided to take it as a compliment :P) and I instead decided on getting my nipples pierced. Nick did a wonderful job as usual.

I have discovered that it's strangely difficult to get a decent picture of yourself in any way whatsoever. Also, the right nipple is not crooked even though it appears to be. It was like that a couple of hours after the piercing until the next night. Afterwards it straightened out a lot.

I have also discovered that a nipple piercing can be very very crooked depending on how your posture is. It has already led me to a couple of moments of staring at my nipple in the mirror. I'm sure that's an interesting situation to see while walking by the bathroom.

I'm... not fond of pictures, even ones showing off my tattoo. It makes me ridiculously happy every time i take my shirt off. :P

I swear I look like I'm about to eat a small child every time I show teeth when I smile.

Currently, they are 14g, but I plan to stretch them at some much later date. Probably will be aiming for a 10g or 8g.
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