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Septum Project - FINISHED!!!!

I have a splittle headache, and my face feels like it's been thrown into a brick wall at speed.


I just got my septum gauged from 8g to 4g (3.2mm to 5mm) in ONE HIT.

quote from my piercer: "you're one fuckin crazy bastard dude!"

for an ear that's nothing. For a nose? Put it this way. I had to try very hard not to scream.

It's done for now. May take it to 2g/6mm in the future, but not for a long while.

Something I'm VERY glad I experienced. It was a rite of passage, in that it's the first time i've felt serious fear walking into a piercing studio, and first time i've felt serious pain getting something done.

my fucking CHRIST was it a rush.

Pics when it's healed enough to put a tusk through. It's healing to septum bullet at the mo.

Actually, i'll just put up pics when i get my third lowbret as well. That way you all can see the finished product of my face.

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